➤ Medicare Advantage Plans

doctor_stethoscope_examine_400_clr_9190-w213-h400Medicare Advantage Plans are Medicare Insurance health plans (like an HMO,PPO or PFFS) approved by Medicare and offered by private companies. These plans are part of Medicare and are sometimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans.”  Medicare Advantage Plans provide all your Medicare health coverage (in lieu of Part A and Part B) and Medicare Advantage will typically include Medicare drug coverage. (You are still enrolled in Medicare)
How Medicare Advantage works – Medicare pays a fixed amount to private insurance companies  offering Medicare Advantage Plans. These companies must follow the rules set forth by Medicare. The Medicare Advantage Plans will sometimes include additional benefits and a different structure to co-payment but essentially the “Base Value” is equivalent to Medicare alone. Medicare Advantage Plans are not supplemental insurance which is another category of its own.

Not all Medicare Advantage Plans work the same way, most have varying co-pays for each event category I.e. Primary Care Office visit, Specialist Office visit, and/or a hospital stay just to name a few.  You need to review each plan’s Summary of Benefits before joining. In all plan types, you are always covered for emergency and urgent care.



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